Yonit Trabelsi-Elbaz is a practical engineer in Computer Sciences working in the Hi-tech industry since 1998. Yonit started her career as a junior programmer and a testing team member & trainer and after one year was promoted to QA director of Testing Support and Training. Yonit worked in few companies as a system analyst, product manager, project manager and QA manager of several testing teams. After more than a decade, Yonit built her own company, Q-ACT, which initially provided consulting services regarding software quality assurance, quality control and testing. Since then, Yonit became Director of Testing at John Bryce College and senior lecturer at John Bryce College and Ariel University. Yonit is experienced in analyzing and characterizing software systems, managing and leading matrix testing projects, including testing teams, training teams and implementations. In addition she lectures in the areas of project management, databases, software development, automation testing, accessibility and user experience for software testers and accompanies senior personnel in soft skills such as time and task management, improvement of work processes, etc. Yonit is a board member of ISTQB and TestIL (Israel testing board). Throughout her career, Yonit developed personal interest in (Good & Clear) Communication, Task Management & Time management because she believes that good communication (between customers, programmers and other teams) and the ability to manage our Task & Time are a prerequisite for Success, especially in the Testing World.