UI Expert, focusing on WPF, Windows store applications and Silverlight. Solid experience in concept design, architecture, and development of large scale software projects. Over 20 years experience in software development. Over 10 years experience in UI development for the web, desktop and in the last 5 years in XAML related technologies.

Specializing in: – WPF 4.5 and Silverlight 5.0 and UWP and Windows 8.1 store apps – MVVM – Web based User Experience Development – Desktop based User Experience Development – MS .net framework (including LINQ, MEF, ADO.net, EF) Also experienced in: – Web technologies (DHTML, js, css, xml, svg, AJAX) – Graphic design (Photoshop) – OOA, OOD and OOP – MS SQL Server 2008, Oracle – Product definition and management – Java (Swing, JDBC, RMI) – J2EE (Weblogic, eclipse)