When you have a passion for knowledge and problem-solving, you never stop. Today I lead the development team as a VP R&D and Lead Developer of GELP it! (GELP = Get – Help), an innovative, knowledge management solution that reduces the time spent on detecting and solving software development problems (Runtime – pre commit & logs analysis). Technical challenges: text processing (in large volumes), fast response time (user experience), machine-learning, advanced algorithms, low client signature, a scalable architecture, an automated social network, IDE integration, and much more. Many challenges demanded knowledge and a comprehensive grasp of under-the-hood JVM issues, along with extreme concurrency matters. Highlights of my past experience include five years in a special unit called Battle lab, creating next generation simulations (3D computer games bottom line), A MAMRAM veteran, development of a fraud detection service, an architect of a tool  that translates one programming language to another, a consultant to companies in Israel and in the US and more. I love technology, and sharing my knowledge, experience, and passion with others.