Big strategic decisions to make: How to handle BigData, Which way is best for automating project processes in order to enhance agility, how to become IoT ready? How much should be deployed to clouds? Public cloud of on-perm? What should be decomposed and become a Microservice? Which data should be streamed over HTTP?  These important questions comes with the common one – once we’ve chosen our architecture – which tools, technologies and frameworks are the best choice for our needs? This track provides a wide range of latest technological evolvements and allows to understand the most relevant challenges today along with getting familiar with the current offering which addresses these challenges. Managers and architects may join seminars that deep dives into a technology or architecture – like in Native Cloud Development, but also enjoy seminars that widely covers todays latest updates. ***All of the seminars are daily session 09:00-16:30
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Date: 26.6.2019
Track: Management

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