All About Blockchain – Assumptions, Architecture, Success Stories and Trends

All About Blockchain – Assumptions, Architecture, Success Stories and Trends

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Yoram Bechler



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Daily seminar



Blockchain is a relatively new technology that provides a distributed network storage, which is based on consensus and intensive encryption. Blockchain allows digital asset transactions to take place between two endpoints with no centralized middleware. Since almost everything in our lives can be expressed as a digital asset – Blockchain has the potential to renew some of the most traditional services countries and institutions provide like Banking system, Credits, Notorious services, Insurance services, Property agreements and much more… How exactly this technology enables such dramatic implementations? What do we have now? And most important – where is it all going? This seminar gives much more than a clue regarding Blockchain technology, Crypto-Currencies, DAPPs and Mining. The seminar also discusses opportunities and potential in Blockchain technology for the existing industry and deals with regulation issues

Course Contents

Why is Blockchain a Revolution ?

  • What’s special in Blockchain
  • Characteristics and advantages
    • What is Money ?
    • Smart-Contracts
    • DAO – Decentralized Autonomous Organization
    • Private Blockchain
    • What should not be implemented with Blockchain
    • Main BC Domains
  • Market Overview & Examples:
    • Trade Finance
    • Sharing Economy
    • Liquid Democracy
    • Coins for good behaviour
    • Registries
    • Tagging and Tracking

Management level overview to how Blockchain works:

    • Transactions
    • Consensus mechanism
    • Blocks
    • Wallets
    • Validators
    • Smart-contract
    • Digital assets
    • Why it is naturally secured?
  • Quick view of Crypto-currencies & Mining
    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum, DAPPs & ICO
    • Ripple
    • What is Mining?
    • Proof of Work
    • Proof of Stake – the end of Mining?
  • Enterprise Blockchain
    • Development frameworks
    • Industry support
    • Private Blockchain


DevGeekWeek 2019


DevGeekWeek 2019

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