Test Automation – Designs, Trends & Tools

Test Automation - Designs, Trends & Tools

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Nir Gallner

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In the past few years, the QA landscape has kept on changing dramatically. Today, more than ever before, test automation is becoming a vital part of the development process and with it the need to build a reliable test automation solutions to support rapid development processes.

Creating a solid test automation process is not merely writing good automated test scenarios.

In the seminar, we will talk about the new trends and tools in the field, explore some case studies and have a try at foreseeing the future of the QA landscape within the next few years..

Course Contents

Evolution of methodologies and its effect on the testing landscape
Development methodologies is constantly in a “rapid change” mode. Changes in development methodologies has an enormous effect on the testing effort. In this talk we will cover a bit of history; how did we get to where we are, talk about today’s common practices, roles and responsibilities and challenges; and will take a shot at predicting how will the testing landscape will look like in 5 – 10 years.

Tools and trends
In this talk we will take a look at how today’s trends are being implemented in tools and frameworks. We will talk about continuous testing, AI and ML, shift left and shift right, testing none pc products and take a look at how modern test automation tools and frameworks deal with those trends.

GUI Testing Powered by Deep Learning
Deep Learning (DL) is revolutionizing the face of many industries these days, such as computer vision, natural language processing, and machine translation, and it penetrates many science-driven products and technological companies, including eBay. These days, DL is taking its first strides in eBay’s Quality Engineering (QE) space, and it has already proven to outperform the best test veteran and industry-grade applications one could find

Building native automated framework as a product
In this talk we will cover basic do’s and don’ts in building a solid automation framework as a product -Questions like Who is the user? What is the value? How to implement automation in our organization? How to structure our automation between teams? We will take a look at some java code and work products to better understand how should we implement automation as a product.

Complex data verification mechanism
In this talk we will show an object oriented approach to verify large amount of application data by
maintaining a Business Object mechanism in parallel with the Page Object pattern. This feature is a major feature in an easy, maintainable XML KDT mechanism.

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