Spring Framework, Boot, Web Services, Cloud & Spring 5 New Features

Spring Framework, Boot, Web Services, Cloud & Spring 5 New Features

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Rony Keren



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Daily seminar



Spring Framework 5, released on September 2017,  is the most up-to-date version of the popular open source framework for Cloud and Enterprise Java developers. Spring Framework 5 was released alongside Java SE 9 release.
In this seminar we explore the Spring framework and its most common capabilities.
The seminar also details Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Data and other very popular projects updated in the current Spring 5 release.

Spring Boot enables Java developers prompt setup of complex environments, with smooth configuration. Spring Boot supports out-of-the-box configurations for embedded containers, databases and infrastructures, for both development and productions environments, with very easy dependencies management.

Spring Cloud provides Java Developers tools for implementing and using common patterns and services on distributed systems. Developers can easily and efficiently utilize a variety of services over cloud systems using this project.

Seminar Prerequisites
Participants are expected to be experienced with Java programming.
Basic knowledge in Spring framework is highly recommended.

Who Should Attend

Java developers that want to use Spring framework


Experience in Java programming

Familiarity with JDBC

Familiarity with Web & Web-services


Course Contents

  • Spring Framework Basic Concepts
  • Developing with Spring
  • Welcome to Spring Framework 5
    • A new JDK baseline
    • Core Container Improvements
    • Reactive Programming Model
    • Testing Improvements
  • Spring Boot – Configuration-Less Projects
  • Web Applications Development with Spring
  • Spring Data and JPA

Introduction to Spring Cloud

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DevGeekWeek 2019

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