Advanced Angular with Typescript

Advanced Angular with Typescript

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Kobi Hari

Shimon Dahan



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After having mastered the basics of angular, we are now ready to move on to some more advanced material. In this session we will show some more features of angular, including the router, reactive forms and some additional component authoring tools. Then we will focus on what unites all of these features and many other angular tools: Reactive programming, and specifically RxJS. Reactive programming is a pattern that focuses on data streams and propagation of change. The pattern revolves around concepts such as an Observable, Observer and Subjects. Reactive X (Rx) is the most popular API for reactive programming. One of it’s key benefits is that it is cross platform and supported in many programming languages. RxJS is the reactive X implementation in Javascript that was also adopted in Typescript. Most importantly, it is in the core of Angular.

Per demand, we may also demonstrate Angular Material – A package of angular pre built angular components, designed according to Googles “Material Design”, which is a designer concept and guidelines that produce stunningly beautiful and fluid UX.

So if you liked what you discovered in the basic angular and Typescript Session, and want more, get ready to dive deep into the core of Angular.

Who Should Attend

Programmers who have learned the basic Angular course and would like to take it to the next level


Familiarity and Basic experience with Angular and Typescript.

Course Contents

  • The Observable object and pattern and the concept of data stream
  • Building stateful services using Behavior Subjects
  • Building Asynchronous components using observables
  • Deep dive into observable operators.
  • Introduction to The Angular Router
  • Introduction to Reactive Forms
  • Optional – per time constraints and demand – Introduction to Redux in angular applications
  • Optional – per time constraints and demand – Brief demo of how to create stunningly beautiful UI with Angular Material

DevGeekWeek 2019


DevGeekWeek 2019

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