Microservices, Native Cloud & Serverless for Managers

Microservices, Native Cloud & Serverless for Managers

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Yuval Birenboum

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Nativ Cloud

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Daily seminar



The cloud is here for us to BUILD BETTER SOFTWARE but we must understand the state of mind of cloud software in comparison to our current software.
Evolution of software development indicates shifting to Microservices architecture.

Lots of different data for different purposes, lots of client types, high concurrencies, automation and more.
Starting with EAI, through SOA – now its Microservices days, and it makes lots of sense for getting your business ready in an ‘On-Line Services’ world.

But, the infrastructural requirements for functional Microservice eco-system are very challenging. Therefore, many of the organizations implementing Microservices adapts native cloud computing (private / public / both) in order to take advantage of extreme DevOps and powerful Microservice development environment.

In this seminar we will try to hack this NEW WAY OF MAKING SOFTWARE in the cloud by exploring the main architectural and conceptual meaning of native cloud. One session focuses on Oracle cloud offering and solutions for native & Microservices development.

Who Should Attend

  • Managers
  • Team leaders
  • Software Architects

Which plan on moving to Native-cloud & use Microservices


  • Some background in service architecture / SOA
  • Familiarity with Web-based integration (Web-services)

Course Contents


  • Introduction to Microservices
  • Microservices Software project characteristics:
  • Multi-language
  • Small/tiny teams
  • Documentation
  • CI/CD support
  • Relevance
  • for Full-stack development
  • for QA automation & DevOps
  • for IoT
  • Microservices main design patterns
  • Microservices infrastructural requirements & challenges
  • When you shouldn’t use Microservices

Native cloud development

  • Success stories
  • The scalability cube – how to scale you’re solution
  • Private IaaS using VM + Docker + Kubernetes/SWARM
  • Private PaaS using Netflix OSS / Spring Cloud
  • Private DBaaS using No-sql solutions
  • Messaging and queueing
  • Automation like a Pro – CI/CD in action
  • Container configuration & orchestration

Live Demo

  • Configuration repository
  • Discovery Server
  • API Gateway
  • Load-balancing
  • Circuit Breaking
  • Monitoring
  • Client discovery

Microservices Mesh

  • Microservice Mesh
  • The future of Microservices straight from the 1980’s
  • More than one type of Stateless service
  • Looking forward to design patterns
  • Testing and profiling
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Integrating microservices with a monolith

DevGeekWeek 2019


DevGeekWeek 2019

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