Microservices and Serverless Development with Node.JS

Microservices and Serverless Development with Node.JS

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Ron Ezra



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Daily seminar



Microservices became the preferred methodology for distributed systems. It is the major way to support smart and accurate container orchestration  which is mandatory in BigData. Since NodeJS became very popular for constructing fine-grained services – it is expected to implement Microservices with JavaScript. This seminar introduces the requirements for working Microservices eco-system and how to create it with NodeJS.

The seminar also relates to Serverless with NodeJS. Serverless is the next-step of decomposing logic down to the function level and serve functions as services. The seminar will introduce how to deploy to AWS LAMBDA and discusses other Serverless commercial alternatives.

Who Should Attend

JavaScript experienced developers that wants to create Microservices with NodeJS

JavaScript developers that wants to implement Serverless based on NodeJS

Course Contents

  • Microservices
    • Intro to Microservices and Service oriented architecture (SOA)
    • Core concepts and Business use case for Microservices
    • Design patterns of popular microservices
    • Understanding the “traditional” Monolithic architecture
    • Monolithic vs Microservices
    • Real world example – Decompose monolithic to microservices
    • Key challenges of Microservices architecture
    • NodeJS modules as micro components
    • Intro to microservices ecosystem – Deploy, Monitor and maintain
  • Serveless
    • Intro to Serverless architecture
    • Core concepts and use cases
    • Key challenges of serverless architecture
    • Intro to AWS Lambda
    • Real world example NodeJS app on AWS Lambda
    • Serverless development process
    • Overview of alternative to AWS lambda
    • Serverless in private clouds and in the business world

DevGeekWeek 2019


DevGeekWeek 2019

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