JavaScript New Generation – Jumping to ES8 and TypeScript

JavaScript New Generation - Jumping to ES8 and TypeScript

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Shahar Grauman



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Daily seminar



When you think you’re up-to-date with your ES6/7/8 knowledge, you’re wrong
Especially for JavaScript Lovers, want to see the new features of es6/7/8 ?
In this day we will focus on the new ECMA features, changes and benefits.
We will explore the new Let variable declaration of JavaScript, deep diving the scoping.
Working with constant, static, classes and inheritance in ES6.
Promises creation and usages VS Async await as comfortable way to write your “sync” code.
How can Typescript help you to scale your JavaScript application to use Native OOP?


  • JavaScript
  • OOP
  • Interfaces
  • Design Patterns
  • JQuery
  • Ajax

Course Contents


  • A brief overview of Object Oriented Programming with JavaScript.
  • New ECMA Script features, es6/7/8
    • Let vs Var – Scoping
    • Const
    • Arrow Functions Vs es5 Function and this key word
    • Extended parameters handling
    • Template literals
    • String interpulations
  • Modules
    • Concepts
    • New Modular applications
    • Include VS import
    • Es6 Module != Angular Module
  • Creating our Objects
    • String literal as design pattern
    • Function constructor
    • Classes
    • Class vs ES5 function constructor
    • Creating component in React using ES5 vs ES6
    • Inheritance
    • Static members
    • Getters and setters
  • Async Programing
    • Promises – what is it?
    • Creating new Promise.
    • Async Await – writing async code with sync attitude
    • Async Await – blocking or not?
    • Observables
  • More features
    • Trailing commas
    • GetOwnPropertyDescription
    • Iteratos
    • Default parameters
    • Template literals
    • Multi line strings
    • Proxy and reflection usages
    • Array and objects matching
    • Generator functions*
  • TypeScript – Scaling our javascript
    • Introduction
    • Setting up Transpiler
    • Types
    • Classes – using modifiers.
    • Getters and setters.
    • Inheritance
    • Interfaces – TS VS ES5

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DevGeekWeek 2019

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