Testing life cycle – How to Test Your Product  

Testing life cycle – How to Test Your Product  

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Yonit Elbaz

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Have you ever wondered how to tackle a new testing project? Or maybe an existing one, but with real QA issues… Where would you start? Your boss expects improvement in the QA team performance and also wants to understand where the product stands real fast. You wish to optimize your work and have introduced automation, but the management do not really see the profit and return on investment. Your company management have recently decided to switch to Agile methodology. This real-life seminar will take you through the testing project bootstrap, including all required activities, from understanding the customer requirements, through design of manual tests and tips and tricks in that area followed by connecting your testing environment to testing automation and to CI process and at the end subject your application to Performance and Load testing. All these will be discussed in real project constraints context, taking into consideration team improvement issues as well as assessing the product readiness within tight schedule constraints. There will be real-life examples to support the discussion. Who should attend: Testers and QA team leaders responsible for testing projects, usually, for QA activities for a single product or a small integrated suite of products. You will learn about:

  • How to manually test a SUT in continuous development environment
  • Launching test automation and performance testing project based on the existing manual suite
  • Connecting your automated testing environment to continuous integration environment

Course Contents

Before you dive into testing, assess your project

  • QA team performance – where it should improve
  • Understand quickly where the product stands

Journey to Agile

  • The journey of adapting Agile methodologies in the organization
  • How QA is merged with 3 aspects: people, product and process

Test Plan Implementation in Agile Team: Best Practice

  • Test Planning – why?
  • Test Planning Alternatives: Lightweight Test Plans, Test Matrix, Test Spreadsheets and Whiteboards
  • Test Planning Lifecycle
  • Best Practices in Agile Team

Exploratory Testing in Practice

  • Short definition of ET
  • How to start where it wasn’t done before:
  • Dealing with objections
  • method for the first ET: SBMT
  • Touring crossed with heuristics
  • Customer story of going to ET – what went well, what didn’t
  • Risks and benefits if going to ET from scripted tests

The Role of Exploratory Testing (Note, this lecture will be in English)

  • Where to use exploratory testing
  • Tools you can use
  • How to fit it into your sprint plan and best practices to working with developers to identify and fix issues found in exploratory testing


Automation will help, but how?

  • Choosing the right option for automating your existing manual tests

The new age of Code Less – Bringing this all together – Profit!

  • Connecting your test environment to continuous integration (CI) environment
  • Data-driven testing example
  • Requirements discovery and management, linked to:
  • Manual testing
  • Unit testing  / UI testing

Monitoring Test Activities (Reports, Dashboards, measurements)

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