Extreme DB Performance using Aerospike NoSQL Database

Extreme DB Performance using Aerospike NoSQL Database

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Zohar Elkayam



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Daily seminar



Building a low latency, high throughput database that can handle big data AND linearly scale is not an easy task as most databases allow either scale or speed.

In this seminar we will get to know the Aerospike NoSQL Database, an enterprise distributed primary key database solution which allows building web-scale (peta-scale) applications with sub millisecond performance.

Attendees will gain a firm foundation in Aerospike database architecture, basic terms, how it works and why it is widely used in mission critical applications.

Attendees will also learn the ‘magic’ behind the Aerospike database and its ability to handle small, medium and even Petabyte scale application data, while still guarantying predictable performance and SLAs of sub-millisecond latencies.

In addition, attendees will learn from best practices which data modeling and design patterns can be used with the Aerospike database, how Aerospike DevOps is different and how easy and simple it is to run it on either cloud or on-premise environments.

This seminar will include real-life examples, live demonstrations and a customer success story.

Who Should Attend

  • Software Architects for big-data and large-scale solutions
  • Developers with experience with NoSQL key-value/document store solutions
  • DBAs and DevOps for NoSQL solutions


Previous experience with NoSQL is a MUST.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Aerospike
    • Overview
    • High Level Architecture
    • Clusters, Data partitioning and Data Distribution
    • High Availability or Strong Consistency?
  • Getting Started with Aerospike
    • Installation and Deployment
    • Basic Configurations
    • Namespaces and Storage Engines
  • Tools and Utilities
    • AQL
    • Asadm and asinfo
    • Java Benchmark Tool
    • ACT
    • AMC
  • Capacity Planning for Performance
  • Architecture and Data Modeling
    • Data Hierarchy
    • Types: Namespaces, Sets, Records, Bins and Bin types, Language mapping.
    • Complex data types: List and Map
  • Programming with Key-value operations
    • Connect and Disconnect from an Aerospike cluster
    • Perform Write operations
    • Perform Read operations
    • Apply advanced key-value techniques
    • Correctly handle errors
  • Aerospike Enterprise Features for Large Scale
    • All Flash
    • Compression
    • Operational advanced features
    • Change Notification Framework and Kafka Connect
  • Customer Story – Cybereason – Building High Performance Scalable Petabyte Cyber Solution using Aerospike & ElasticSearch
    • In this session, you will learn how Cybreason, a leading end-to-end cyber security company, is building a complete next-generation endpoint security solution for both high performance and high scale petabyte database using both Aerospike and ElasticSearch.


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DevGeekWeek 2019

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