Exploring NoSQL Databases – Technologies and Use Cases for the Enterprise

Exploring NoSQL Databases - Technologies and Use Cases for the Enterprise

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The NoSQL ecosystem has been one of rapid change, with numerous software offerings appearing under the NoSQL umbrella. There hasn’t been such a rapid shift to a new method for storing data since the move from hierarchical to relational data stores.

As more enterprises have implemented NoSQL solutions, a distinctive set of criteria has emerged that can help today’s IT professionals more easily identify the right NoSQL solution for their enterprise.

This seminar introduces developers and architects with the concepts of NoSQL database and lets participants explore it with various vendor solutions including: MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, Aerospike and more, in order to make more informed decisions when choosing a particular set of NoSQL software.

Extreme performance for business transactions processing is becoming a must in every modern applications. Databases are utilizing RAM much better. Many solutions are out there? When to use which solution? What are the best practices? Can I handle Transactions with NoSQL? Can I run Mongo or Cassandra as an In-Memory Databases? Is there support for ANSI SQL in IMDG? Should I, and when to use Redis, Mongo, and Casandra, Apache Spark or Apache Ignite or other? Here you have a seminar that offers an introduction to the extreme data solutions. For each of these data tools and platforms we will explore strength and weaknesses as well as demonstrate them. Best practices and worldwide use cases will be shared. This is a seminar like no other. A must for architects, developers, data Analysts and DBAs. Topics:NoSQL and IMDG Introduction.


Prior knowledge of Hadoop or NoSQL databases is NOT required. Participants should be comfortable with software development and familiar with distributed systems concepts

Course Contents

  • What is NoSQL?
  • What is IMDG?
  • RDBMS vs NoSQL
  • CAP theorem vs. ACID
  • Dynamic schema
  • Sharding
  • Replications and caching
  • Performance

Redis – Key Value store and much more

  • What is Redis?
  • Why Redis?
  • Data Types
  • Commands
  • Clustering/Sharding
  • When to use Redis?

Mongo DB – Document Database

  • Mongo DB Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Documents/Collections
  • Mongo DB basic commands
  • In Memory Storage Engine
  • Transactions
  • Aggregation
  • Replication
  • Sharding

Cassandra DB – Wide Table Database

  • Cassandra DB Introduction
  • Why Cassandra?
  • Cassandra Query Language Shell – CQLSH
  • Replication & Partitioning
  • Basic administration
  • Cluster configuration
  • When to use Cassandra?

Oracle NoSQL

  • Oracle NoSQL Offering
  • Query Language and data structure support
  • High Availability
  • Scalability


  • Use Cases for various NoSQL databases
  • When NOT to use NoSQL?
  • How to pick a NoSQL database
  • Summary

DevGeekWeek 2019


DevGeekWeek 2019

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