CTO and VP R&D Update- New Trends that Every CTO/VP R&D MUST Know

CTO and VP R&D Update- New Trends that Every CTO/VP R&D MUST Know

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Rony Keren

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BigData forces radical services development changes. Modern software development is all about automation: decision making, data analysis, deployment, distribution, scaling and more. Understanding the present challenges and upcoming technological evolutions is the best way to meet market requirements and provide high quality services. Currently, organizations are focusing on decomposing parts of their monolithic applications in order to gain accurate orchestration and provide intensive feature releases. This shift forces DevOps capabilities and Full-stack development. It is also pushes toward cloud platforms. Some companies, which are forced to deal with high concurrencies and lots of data transformation embed Reactive and streaming over HTTP instead of traditional MVC web modules. Extreme agility brings RPA as a solution for automating common developers tasks. The need in QA Automation in such projects is clear and widely adapted during last years.

New approaches for software project management are discussed, mainly for rapid, high quality, and complex code implementations as well as maximizing production tolerance. We’ll discuss Optimistic Programming and Chaos Engineering in this context.  

Near future can be partially described already – we will gradually prefer public clouds over on-prem solutions, Some microservices will be even more fine-grained and enjoy fully automated platforms – K.A Serverless & FaaS, Even Blockchain technology might change the meaning of ‘Public Cloud’ in a surprising way…

The seminar relates to all of the above and discusses present up-to-date issues as well as future promising trends and solutions.

Course Contents

  • New Methodologies and upcoming trends for 2020
  • Reliability and Interpretability of Machine Learning Models
  • Cyber news & trends
  • Reactive
  • Native Cloud Development
    • Microservices
    • Serverless
  • RPA
  • Blockchain, DAPPS & Social Clouds

DevGeekWeek 2019


DevGeekWeek 2019

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