Big Data Concepts and Refactoring to Scale – from RDBMS to NoSQL and HDFS

Big Data Concepts and Refactoring to Scale - from RDBMS to NoSQL and HDFS

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Ran Silberman



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Daily seminar



Big Data is everywhere now. Every company and organization that use some kind of data, is in the Big Data world. But here is the issue: we are used to Data Warehouse solution with advanced tools and expert DBA’s. But the Big Data looks like one big mess: Too many solutions to choose from, too many languages, many cloud providers, no good monitoring and administration tools available and many different API’s.

And the fact is: we cannot escape Big Data, and we need to get to decisions about tools to choose from huge repertoire.

In this seminar we are going to put some order in this world and give managers the tools to get to wise decisions about choosing the right architectures and solutions.

Course Contents

  • An introduction to the Big Data concepts and Hadoop.
  • Big data frameworks. Apache Spark and more.
  • Benefits of Big Data over traditional RDBMS (and when not to use Big Data).
  • Big Data streaming.
  • How to refactor a legacy data solution to a Big Data architecture.
  • Big Data different architectures and approaches: CAP theorem, Lambda architecture.
  • Different NoSQL database families with examples.
  • Guidelines in choosing NoSQL databases.
  • Data solutions of the big cloud providers (Amazon, Google, Microsoft).
  • Apache Kafka and other Data BUS solutions.
  • What programming  languages are used in Big Data world.
  • Big Data common API’s.
  • Data Use Cases.
  • Machine Learning using Big Data.
  • Data Lake.

DevGeekWeek 2019


DevGeekWeek 2019

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