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DevGeekWeek is practically the main event for the Israeli Hi-Tech industry. DevGeekWeek19 planned to expose the latest and winning technologies – and there are some exciting trends. Industry adopts Microservices and gets more and more interested in Serverless. BigData forces data streaming over HTTP and rich AI/ML solutions. Cloud based solutions become more popular and DevOps plays major role in any meaningful software development process.

All those emerging challenges and much more are addressed in DevGeekWeek tracks: Management, Code, Cloud, DevOps, Data, QA & Workshops. Each track covers wide range of topics divided into sub-tracks – matching all leading positions in the market.

The conference designed for the High-Tec community and specifically for managers, software & enterprise architects, developers, operation managers, development group managers, QA & test engineers, and anyone involved in the development process.

Among leading stable technologies, methodologies and architectures, the conference will relate to some of the most dramatic changes – decomposing, streaming, using reactive and native cloud platforms, automating processes. Those changes effects all aspects and roles of software development – managing, designing, planning, developing, testing, integrating, automating and more. The goal of each seminar is to deep dive into stable technologies and expose the new trends. Managers can have an effective exposure to upcoming development methods and software architecture as well as BigData solutions. Developers can learn more about Fullstack and expand their skills to create Microservices, Reactive REST and Serverless deployment units. QA professionals can get the latest updates in QA Automation, DevOps professionals may enjoy K8S and Docker power sessions and much more.






Learning Tracks



Learning Tracks

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DevGeekWeek 2019 conference takes place at The Sharon Herzliya Hotel, Ramat Yam 4. After Event Workshops will be held at ECO Tower John Bryce, Tel-Aviv, Homa Umigdal 29.

DevGeekWeek 2019


DevGeekWeek 2019

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